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Helping a SaaS startup increase new user sign-ups by 120%.


Ricochet‘s Google Chrome Extension enables salespeople to discover insights more quickly. It enables customers to qualify new business leads successfully and achieve their sales targets. Cognism acquired the company in 2020 for an undisclosed fee.



Ricochet, dissatisfied with the ROI from digital advertising campaigns aimed to increase new user sign-ups, reached out for help. Due to numerous customer profiles, Jo wanted to find a systematic approach to target the right audience with the right message.



Jo began by outlining Ricochet’s challenges, then we agreed on the problems and the desired outcomes. The positioning statements for each of the ideal client profiles were then created. These were employed to customise messaging for our target channel. The approach was then A/B tested until the method yielded consistent results.


Finally, the lead generation procedure was a huge success. Both the messaging and the approach were successful in attracting visitors to the website. In just four weeks, Ricochet raised new user sign-ups by 120 percent.

"Chris helped us implement a systematic way to generate a higher volume of users."

Jo York
COO, Ricochet

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