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Navigating an AI startup through their go-to-market strategy.

Who is a conversational experience platform. It is built for creating bespoke and scalable conversational apps. This open-source tool is built by a diverse team who care deeply about how automated conversations will become more accessible to all people.


OpenDialog is a spin-out from a chatbot and AI agency who work with multinational companies like Bayer. The CEO reached out initially, as he identified that they needed help to structure their go-to-market strategy. In addition, they also wanted help to create an effective way to start generating demand for the product.


Firstly, I facilitated remote workshops with their stakeholders to discuss each individuals vision for the OpenDialog product. Secondly, we looked at possible routes to market, exploring different segments, targeting and positioning. Finally, we identified the practicalities of what was need. This included the process, people and tools to underpin the approach.


We identified two routes to market. The first route was to build a community of conversational designers. The second was to target software agencies that could use the technology for their clients. Working alongside the newly onboarded Sales Director, I produced and A/B tested an effective lead generation strategy. Moreover, it began to produce great results from the first day implementing it.

"Quickly understood our complex market and steered us towards the most promising routes to market"

Ron Ashri
CEO, OpenDialog

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