Christian Brock

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be the commercial lead at some of the UK’s most ambitious digital technology businesses including a FT1000 fastest growing software company.

My ethos is simple, repeatable success is created by mirroring the exact needs of your target customer. You need to consistently look to remove friction and add value during their journey, overall making it easier for them to buy.


Instead of building my own team to outsource thinking and execution for clients, I believe that they should be building out their own internal capacity. I bridge the gap between their current and future state by creating approaches to attracting new businesses. This is then A/B tested till it’s proven to work and documented. I then help up-skill their existing team or help them find new team members to pass the baton on to.


Clients can often require a whole host of help to get them up and running. This can be anything from design, websites, search engine optimisation, videos and system integrations. I’ve built an extensive network over the years of trusted people that I open clients up to, taking no cut or commission from either party.



Do the right thing, even when no one is watching you


Embrace change, be stubborn on direction but flexible with plans


You can't buy overnight success, it's earned through consistency

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