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Helping an established programmatic marketing specialist with their growth strategy.


Regital are programmatic marketing specialists. Their clients are agencies and advertisers that want to use modern marketing to enable their accounts to grow sales, find new leads and increase brand awareness. They are trusted by the world’s largest media companies including Mediacom, WM Wavemaker and GroupM.


As part of their growth strategy, Regital identified an opportunity to work with brands directly. However, they had no established team or method to do this so they reached out to me for help. We agreed that I would work on positioning, approaching and landing new business in this space. Once it was consistently producing results, we would then up-skill their teams to take on and continuously improve the approach.


I quickly profiled, targeted and approached their ideal customer profiles to gauge the initial proposition. After a period of A/B testing, we established an approach that consistently generated new leads. I then shifted my focus and helped the Sales Director to develop and improve their end-to-end sales function in order to effectively land thses ‘brand-direct’ deals.


We produced over 30 qualified leads during the 3-month test phase. A number of those leads closed and one turned into a large deal with one of the UK’s most renowned fashion brands. The structure of the team and sales process was adopted by the wider business and helped inform a restructure which is now being used to better manage all of their clients.

“Chris has been a very valuable addition to our growth strategy over the last 18 months.”

Paul Barnard
Managing Director, Regital

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