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Designing an effective lead generation process for an established 'Tech For Good' business.


Difrent is a professional services company that partner with ‘public good’ organisations. They work with central government, local government and healthcare organisations to deliver meaningful digital services. Their expert teams deliver user-centric digital transformation services that positively impact the lives of citizens.


Difrent reached out for help to produce an effective lead generation process. Their main goal was to build a network of key influencers and decision makers across the healthcare sector. They wanted to create an approach that would effectively produce introductory meetings with key decision makers and get them ahead of the competition by hearing of any programmes earlier than competitors.


Firstly, we created value propositions that would attract the attention of their already defined ideal customer profiles. Secondly, we created a methodology for outbound lead generation and crafted messaging to suit our chosen channels. Lastly, the approach was A/B tested until there was consistent and repeatable returns.


In conclusion, this was a great success. As a result of the initial test phase, we generated 26 new leads in 8 days (1 day per week). These were with key decision makers at organisations such as NHS England, Care Quality Commission and Public Health England. This process was then used to sign off a new lead generation hire, who quickly began to see results.

“Successfully helped us solve key BD challenges at an important time in our business.”

Rachel Murphy
CEO, Difrent

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