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Creating an effective outbound sales strategy for the ninth-fastest growing tech business in the North of England.


Netsells partners with a diverse range of global clients. This includes household name brands, government agencies and high-potential startups. Working in over 40 countries, they assist in the delivery of complex digital projects, building bespoke web platforms and mobile applications.


Netsells has grown to a 40-person company with excellent credentials. They have ambitious growth targets and know that to achieve that, they have to stay ahead of the competition. The CEO identified in order to do this, the company must design and implement an effective outbound sales strategy.


Firstly, we kicked off by defining Netsells ideal customer profile. Secondly, we developed and tested messaging to resonate and attract interest from their target prospects. Lastly, we worked together to produce a campaign framework which included constructing data sets and specifying methods for the team to continue to use and improve for cold outreach.


Through A/B testing the approach, we successfully designed a tried and tested outbound sales strategy for their new business team to scale. In the initial phase we generated 18 new leads which included key decision makers at businesses like Hampshire Trust Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Smith & Nephew.

“Chris is my go-to person when I need to solve difficult sales challenges in our business”

Brannan Coady
CEO, Netsells

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