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Nebula Labs

Software developers increase revenue by 30% in 12-months with an effective business development strategy.


Nebula Labs are an award winning team of highly skilled software developers. Their current clients are large enterprise, public sector, universities and start-ups within the UK. These include AkzoNobel, the NHS, Newcastle University and Apple app of day, Gym Plan.


They identified two main areas that they need help with. Firstly, creating a process for finding and landing new business opportunities with people outside of their network. Secondly, they identified the need to create a structure to safely onboard projects without leaving any money on the table.


Initially, we defined the outcomes the two founders were looking to achieve over the next 12-months. We then set about creating structure though every layer of their business. This includes constantly building and refining their processes, roles and tools. To generate new leads, we have created and A/B tested an effective business development strategy that consistently builds a pipeline of quality deals.


Together we have introduced structure, purpose, and direction to their business development strategy. Six months of work was booked in within the first six weeks of working together. We have now increased revenue by 30% over the last 12-months and have raised their average project price up by 370%.

“Phenomenal results in terms of lead generation and business development strategy.”

Dylan McKee
CEO, Nebula Labs

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