XRT provides health professionals with the technology to effectively deliver therapeutic interventions. Their end users include individuals with autism, phobias and situation-specific anxieties. They combine the use of traditional CBT and exposure therapies, with a wide range of virtual reality environments.


XRT reached out for help to plot their different workflows in order to improve their product and services. They wanted to explorer the crossovers between their business viability and customers experience, ensuring they were both aligned. The idea was to then take these learnings and implement them across their overall customer experience.


Using a post-it note exercise, we plotted their customers journey from start to finish. This allowed us to define each phase, then map what process and people needed to effectively onboard and serve a client. This enabled us to identify any areas of friction and suggest improvements for the overall experience.


We captured a step-by-step process for their team to follow during sales and delivery. As a result, they could now ensure a frictionless customer experience when onboarding new organisations, therapists and patients. The workflows of each individual customer journey were then used to help build the next version of their product.

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